Zarma Folktales of Niger

15 Mar 2010

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Zarma Folktales of Niger

Zarma Folktales of Niger presents in English the folklore of the Zarma, a lesser-known tribe of West Africa. These tales run the gamut from teaching ethical and moral lessons to portraying tricksters to naming animals to farting contests to having fun. Humor and an emphasis on living justly bind the stories together. So far there have been few mentions of the Zarma people in Western texts, and little sign of their folklore, until now. While many English translations of African folklore exist already, they are mainly restricted to better-known cultures. Zarma Folktales of Niger captures the reality of the culture that created the tales, preserving what might otherwise have been lost from the oral tradition. Unlike similar collections of African folklore, Zarma Folktales of Niger provides the cultural and historical context necessary to truly appreciate and understand these tales. The introduction outlines Niger’s history and describes the relationships of the Zarma to neighboring tribes, and the glossary explains common terms and expressions found in the stories. These tales will be of interest to children, general readers of folklore, and those interested in African culture, as well as to cultural anthropologists and ethnographers.

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