What Goes Around…

05 Jan 2004

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What Goes Around…

The story begins on the Caribbean island of Grenada. Jessica Farrow is a hardworking and intelligent student, bringing great pride to her grandmother, Hilda Thorne, who is the only mother she has ever known. Her own mother died when Jessica was three years old. The Bailey family next door is like her”extended family.”
While attending high school, Jessica lives in town with her father and stepmother, Ian and Albertine Farrow. Albertine’s aversion to Jessica erupts when Jessica becomes pregnant. Through thick and thin her grandmother stands by her. She helps with the twins when they are born. She encourages Jessica to follow her friend, Madge Bailey, and emigrate to Canada.
In Canada, Jessica faces many challenges. Life seems to be improving when that”little lie” told to immigraton authorities years ago comes back to haunt her. Will she ever reunite with her children? Does she ever see her grandmother agan? This books reveals the obstacles that confront this family. It shows the necessity of a support group and the capacity of a determined spirit.

Source: Goodreads

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