Under the Silk Cotton Tree: A Novel

01 May 1993

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Under the Silk Cotton Tree: A Novel

Under the silk cotton tree, Flora weaves tales of her village life. Tales of families and friends, strange neighbors and weird events. Tales of the jumbie in the tambranch trees, of the mermaid on the rock, of Miss Eva addressing God and the waves, of Miss Saigoo, swept away by the intemperate river. Tales of a sister’s death and a father’s neglect. Tales of pain and warmth, tragedy and joy.

A delightful slice of Grenadian life Under the Silk Cotton Tree marks the next great step forward in the career of an enormously talented writer.

This series is designed to bring to North American readers the once-unheard voices of writers who have achieved wide acclaim at home, but are not recognized beyond the borders of their native lands. With special emphasis on women writers, Interlink’s Emerging Voices series publishes the best of the world’s contemporary literature in translation or original English.

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