This Is Bishkek Baby

01 Sep 2012


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This Is Bishkek Baby

When a U.S. Marine is murdered and his Kyrgyz bride goes missing, Embassy Security Officer Sheamus Rissler leads the cross-country manhunt. In his search, Sheamus confronts the centuries-old Kyrgyz tradition of bride kidnapping, uncovers the nasty underbelly of Bishkek’s mail-order bride business, and gets entangled in the murderous political battle over the spoils of U.S. spending in Central Asia. Events boil over into the Lemon Revolution and the possibility of Western style democracy, but perhaps the nomadic tribes of mountainous Kyrgyzstan stand to lose something greater.

Fogarty Wells is a U.S. Foreign Service Officer who has worked extensively in the former Soviet Union.

Source: Goodreads

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