The Wizardry of Jewish Women

01 Jan 2001

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The Wizardry of Jewish Women

“A compassionate but unsentimental look at three characters who rarely get to be protagonists in literature. Polack imbues their lives with quiet magic, while avoiding the expected tropes and without ever resorting to shtick.”
~ Jason Franks, author of Aurealis nominated Bloody Waters, The Sixsmiths.

“This story will take you by the hand and pull you along unfamiliar paths.
Let it share its secrets with you, one by one.”
~ Mary Victoria, Gemmel finalist author and winner of the Sir Julius Vogel Award.

Who wants superpowers?
Not Rhonda. Rhonda wants to live an ordinary life.
“My life is a soap opera with magic,” thinks Judith, as she reviews her year.

Before it all begins, she just wants to lose her past and keep her children safe.
Belinda, her sister, wants recipes.
Their lives are simple.

All three women get a lot more than they bargained for in 2002 and 2003.
A possessed lemon tree.
Prophecy. Magic. Romance.
Violence. Politics.

Secret Jewish women’s stuff ought to be carried out
in more exotic places than suburban Australia.
Except that sometimes, suburban Australia is chancy and troubling.
Even without those mystery boxes from the great-grandmother no-one talks about.
Even without the Angel of Death and Zoë’s pink tutu.

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