The Seychelles affair

01 Jan 1986

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The Seychelles affair

The “Seychelles Affair” is one of the most infamous episodes in the tangled history of mercenary warfare in Africa. The story of the ill-fated coup begins in 1978 when representatives of the exiled Seychelles president approached legendary mercenary commander Mike Hoare – who had successfully led the uprisings in the Congo in the early 1960s – to overthrow the Marxist regime then in power.

Hoare’s story of the attempted coup reads like a thriller, detailing all the drama of the backroom scheming, the tense action at the airport on Mahe, the forced landing of the Air India Boeing and the ensuing escape of Hoare’s band of mercenaries. Equally fascinating is the author’s description of his dealings with South African intelligence agencies, the subsequent prosecution by those who had helped them prepare for the coup, his attempts to organize a proper defense and obtain a fair trial for himself and his 30 men, and what it was like to spend 33 months in a South African prison.

In the exclusive new foreword to this Paladin reprint, Colonel Hoare sheds new light on the events leading up to the failed coup, discusses the lingering ramifications of the failure on the nation of Seychelles and relates how his conviction affected his life after he got out of prison.

Don’t miss this opportunity to read Hoare’s wonderfully wry and insightful account of how one little mistake can unravel even the best-laid plans.

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