The Harmony Silk Factory

31 Mar 2005

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The Harmony Silk Factory

A brilliant novel from a genuinely exciting new voice in British fiction. A novel for anyone who enjoyed The English Patient.Set in Malaysia in the 1930s and 40s, with the rumbling of the Second World War in the background and the Japanese about to invade, The Harmony Silk Factory is the story of four people: Johnny, an infamous Chinaman — a salesman, a fraudster, possibly a murderer — whose shop house, The Harmony Silk Factory, he uses as a front for his illegal businesses; Snow Soong, the beautiful daughter of one of the Kinta Valley’s most prominent families, who dies giving birth to one of the novel’s narrators; Kunichika, a Japanese officer who loves Snow too; and an Englishman, Peter Wormwood, who went to Malaysia like many English but never came back, who also loved Snow to the end of his life. A journey the four of them take into the jungle has a devastating effect on all of them, and brilliantly exposes the cultural tensions of the era.Haunting, highly original, The Harmony Silk Factory is suspenseful to the last page. It will be one of the most talked about and admired novels of 2005.

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