The Cayman Hustle

01 Jan 2001

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The Cayman Hustle

Trouble in paradise! Super yachts, tax evasion, drug trafficking, hedge funds, trust funds and more registered businesses than people, The Cayman Islands is the perfect playground for the uber-rich and ground zero for the intrigue that lies ahead.

The secret and ultimate game of conspiracy, set up by billionaires from around the world, has begun when a stash of gold bars worth millions is buried in a tropical underwater rainforest. Ensconced in the loot is a coveted Brazilian tourmaline believed to be a rare rainbow-colored chakra stone. Who will get to it first? Tensions begin to bubble under the surface as felonious affairs and scandals take shape on this idyllic island.

This is the unlikely story of Kaman Colioni, a twenty-five-year old deaf man who unwittingly finds the booty, his incredible journey, and the hustle of a lifetime. Who can he trust? The suspense will have you turning pages deep into the night and make you wonder how such a lush haven could become a wild nightmare.

Source: Goodreads

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