Socotra: Story of the Enchanted Island!

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Socotra: Story of the Enchanted Island!

Socotra is an amazing and unique island in the Indian Ocean South of Yemen. This rare island contains many rare plants, trees, insects, reptiles, birds and animals; many of the creatures in the island of Socotra cannot be found anywhere on earth except Socotra! Studies confirm that first settled on the island of Socotra was approximately 3000 years ago! This book (Socotra… Story of the enchanted Island!) Takes the reader to this amazing island, gives you the information that you need, and tells its story. The book contains more than 70 professional image (Most of them can be orderd as artworks from the writer’s website) that give you both inspiration and the full story. There are several reasons why one speaks with admiration about this island, some of these reasons are: Studies have recorded the presence of 825 species of thriving plants in Socotra, as well as fern. Scientists believe that 37% of these plants are settlement and has no instance in the world. Socotra is considered as a home for more than 221 types of birds, which are important globally. Studies have recorded the presence of 30 types of reptiles in Socotra; 27 of them cannot be found anywhere except Socotra. Studies have recorded six types of non-poisonous snakes belongs to Socotra Archipelago (Cannot found any other place on earth). Socotra is replete of invertebrate animals – arthropods and molluscs, where there are 50 known types and 5 habitation types of Thericleidae. There are also three types of marine cancers, in addition to a very big spider (human Palm-size) known as the monocentropus balfouri. There are about 14 types of mammals in the island of Socotra such as camels, cattle, zebras, wildcats, goats, sheep and civet cat which known as “Al-zepad.” Socotra is a great destination for adventures lover, explorers, tourists and photographers.

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