She Left No Note (She Left No Note: Lake Iseo Italy Mystery 1)

11 Mar 2023


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She Left No Note (She Left No Note: Lake Iseo Italy Mystery 1)

Can we really know the ones we love? An intriguing tale of mystery and self-discovery set among the seductive beauty of Lake Iseo in Italy.
Duncan is devastated by the mysterious death of his brilliant and beloved wife Caterina. When he returns to her family villa on the tranquil shores of Lake Iseo, where they first met, he is assailed with doubts about the woman he idealized for so long.
Duncan is helped by his inquisitive and enterprising agent, Emma, and the arrival of his troubled 24-year-old grandson, Mark. Together, they delve into Caterina’s past and uncover a web of secrets, at the same time beguiled by the cuisine, picturesque landscape and tranquil lifestyle of the farm above the villa.
But can Duncan trust the taciturn Gioro and good-natured Monica, or are his new friends deceiving him?
Will he succeed in discovering the truth, coming to terms with the past and forging a path for the future?

Source: Goodreads

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