Seven Little Australians

01 Jan 2001

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Seven Little Australians

Seven Little Australians (1894) is a classic Australian children’s novel by Ethel Turner. Set mainly in Sydney in the 1880s, it relates the adventures of the seven mischievous Woolcot children, their stern army father Captain Woolcot, and flighty stepmother Esther. Turner wrote the novel whilst living at Inglewood in what was then rural Lindfield, (now Woodlands, Killara). The suburban bushland surroundings quickly became important in Turner’s stories. In 1994 the novel was the only book by an Australian author to have been continuously in print for 100 years. The seven children of the title live in 1880s Sydney with their father, an army Captain who has little understanding of his children, and their 20-year-old stepmother Esther, who can exert little discipline on them. Accordingly, they wreak havoc wherever possible, for example by interrupting their parents while they entertain guests and asking for some of their dinner. After a prank by Judy and Pip embarrasses Captain Woolcot at his military barracks, he orders that ringleader Judy be sent away to boarding school in the Blue Mountains.

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