Princess Hina and the Eel

01 Jan 2001

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Princess Hina and the Eel

Within the vast South Pacific ocean among many dispersed islands, lies the little kingdom of Tonga, known as the very heart of Polynesia. In the Shakespearean tradition of Romeo and Juliet, the greatest tragedy and famous tale ever told among the Polynesian people and its history is reimagined by the author’s own version as the greatest love story ever told.
Set during a time when all of Polynesia were under one ruling Kingdom, its people remained content in their simple lifestyle; happy and obedient in their customs and traditions. However, a scandalous rumor confirmed disrupts the general nature of the Kingdom, after finding their beloved Princess Hina is with child by an unknown figure of whom she refuses to name. Enraged, the King commences a relentless hunt for this mysterious young man and demands vengeance of death. Finally captured, the young man is revealed as nothing more than a lowly peasant, contrary to their strict traditions separating the elite and commoners. Spitefully, he becomes known throughout the Kingdom as the wicked “Eel.”
Imprisoned, the Eel awaits his untimely fate, agonizing over his beloved Princess Hina and their unborn child. Penniless and destitute, he has nothing to offer them or inheritance to leave them with — except his love. Just before the brink of death, the Eel secretly devises a plan – a gift of love for his little family — and a profound legacy that will impact the rest of the world.
“Princess Hina & the Eel” is truly an amazing, timeless story of unconditional love, touching upon subjects of forbidden romance to familial betrayal to learning independence, just to name a few. Find out what happens to the Eel, what gift he leaves for them, how we, as readers, can learn from this tale of true love, and ultimately, what true love really means.

[Excerpt from Princess Hina & the Eel]:

“He got up the courage to finally speak, saying to her…

‘After they kill me, take my head
and bury it outside your new home
where ever that may be.
A tree will grow out from it…

..As you drink from this tree,
remember that you and I
are forever locked in a kiss.'”

Source: Goodreads

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