Paradise Is Full of Bugs

01 Jun 1997

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Paradise Is Full of Bugs

This is the personal memoir of a middle aged man who gave up a successful business career to pursue his dream of sailing to the remote islands of the south and western Pacific with his family on a traditional wooden square rigged sailing vessel. The voyages were made in the early seventies before the age of fiberglass sailing boats and electronic navigation using the time worn skills of the early navigators. Although the man didn’t realize it at the time, he was sailing at the absolute end of an era that had lasted for centuries. It was soon to be replaced by modern technology that would allow hundreds of people to follow in his footsteps and change the face of the mythical south seas and island cultures. On the final voyage, the ship was wrecked on a remote island in Micronesia and, how the skipper faced the ordeal of saving his family and salvaging his vessel against incredible odds, is the final story of the memoir.

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