Novgorod Diary

01 Jan 2001

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Novgorod Diary

The Novgoro diary is a look at the crucial issues of the twenty first century in the context of science fiction spiced with humor. A potential answer to the question of what happens to our creative and reasoning ability after we die introduced in the story. As the soul represent perpetual energy, they do not disappear. Soul managers collect these valuable commodities, taking them to the Third Dimension and using them.
George Pike, the chief legal officer of Hades Ltd., in the Third Dimension has a new assignment: he must fix the Russian elections, making sure of the Hades candidate, Nick Rubowski winning. However, there is a catch; Lola, an archeologist dug up some dirt on Nick. George teams up with Gemma the driard (a being capable of moving between dimensions), Brunhilde the missions security chief, and set out to Earth.
According to an old diary Lola found in Novgorod Nick, a high-ranking KGB officer, is the rightful heir to the Russian throne. If this gets out, his chances to win the Presidential election evaporates. The KGB wants to suppress the evidence, the CIA wants it made public, the Russian Mafia is open to suggestions, and an usurper entering into hunt for the throne appalls the royalists. A half-a-billion-dollar trust surfaces, which is due to the tsar upon coronation. On the course of his mission, George successfully negotiates with all the divergent political interest groups, comes to a compromise, and learns the shocking truth about the Russian throne. In the end, Nick Rubowski gets the crown, the money, and he is on his way to win the election.

Source: Goodreads

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