Letters from Ibiza

16 Aug 2010

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Letters from Ibiza

“A Bill Bryson with Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll”Ibiza, playground of the rich and very rich and Utopia for young holidaying Brits., is the backdrop for this refreshingly candid and humorous account of some of Timmi’s experiences whilst working – and playing – on this iniquitous island. Taken from emails he exchanged with a friend, it is a cross between a travelogue and a memoire, and affords a privileged, and at times quite hilarious, glimpse behind the scenes of the fascinating world of porn, glamour and celebrities. Superbly compiled and narrated with ready wit and quick-flash asides, his vividly described characters almost leap off the pages, bringing with them all the glitz, bling, boas, feathers, fun and frolics of a different world as he discloses his slant on life in the fast lane. It’s a peek behind closed curtains, bringing a fresh perspective to the gay/porno scene, and one cannot help but warm to this writer with his frank and genuine reactions to some of the situations in which he finds himself. This is a colourful, stimulating read containing not only the author’s delightfully naughty sense of humour, but touches of pathos, together with some quite poetically beautiful scenic descriptions.Timmi pulls no punches, and “Letter from Ibiza” is one of the most entertaining and amusing reads currently around. High, highly recommended, this book is not to be missed; and this writer one to definitely look out for in the future. We will be seeing a lot more of him. WATCH OUT!

Source: Goodreads

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