Island Moors: Two African Short Stories

01 Jan 2001


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Island Moors: Two African Short Stories

Two African short Stories by Gervasio Kaiser:

THE MOOR OF SANKORE After living abroad for years, Mamadu finishes his studies at the University of Sankore in the city of Timbuktu and flies back to Anguené Islands, his homeland. At the airport, the doors of freedom are shut before him. He begins to see the sorrow and grief a foreign power burdens the islands with. In one single strike he reopens the doors for a trip back to Timbuktu, and he plants seeds for the invaders’ withdrawal. Read this jewel of an African short story and see how Mamadu outsmarts the enemy.

THE STRANGER If nobody catches the traitor, the enemy will bring another massacre on the people. With his dog, Valério goes down south to a town near a forest. Then a rainstorm joins him in his efforts as it sweeps the woods and visits the town. The mayor and his guards share Valério’s hopes and work even during the storm.

Source: Goodreads

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