Catburglar in Monaco (Jackie O’ Episode Five)

14 Aug 2012


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Catburglar in Monaco (Jackie O’ Episode Five)

For Jackie O’Hara it was a race against time. Though terminally ill, she might live on for years … or die tomorrow. There was just no way to tell. But before the end came, she was determined to make peace with her estranged brother Danny. There was just one problem: she had to find him first.
Having witnessed a high-profile mob killing, Danny was now on the run from the Russian Mafia, who wanted him dead, and the F.B.I., who wanted him to testify against mob boss Dimitri Kaslov. That made Jackie a target as well, because they all hoped she would lead them straight to him.
Now the search was reaching its finale against the glamorous backdrop of the Mediterranean. But given the dangers facing both of them, was a happy ending possible for the O’Haras?

Source: Goodreads

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