Canne al vento (Reeds in the Wind)

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Canne al vento (Reeds in the Wind)

The rugged landscape of Baronia on Sardinia sets the scene for this novel of crime, guilt, and retribution. Deledda presents the story of the Pintor sisters – from a family of noble landowners now in decline – their nephew Giacinto, and their servant Efix, who is trying to make up for a mysterious sin committed many years before. Around, below, and inside them the raging Mediterranean storms, the jagged mountains, the murmuring forests, and the gushing springs form a Greek chorus of witness to the tragic drama of this unforgiving land. Deledda tells her story with her characteristic love of the natural landscape and fascination with the folk culture of the island, with details about the famous religious festivals held in mountain encampments, and the lore of the “dark beings who populate the Sardinian night, the fairies who live in rocks and caves, and the sprites with seven red caps who bother sleep.”

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