A Valley Wide: An Ibiza Memoir

01 Jan 2008

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A Valley Wide: An Ibiza Memoir

In 1961 Alexis Brown moved with her husband and two young children from the comparative sophistication of Formentera to a remote part of Ibiza. ‘A Valley Wide’ records their triumphs and misadventures, as well as the making of the road that linked this tranquil corner with the world beyond. This sparkling memoir combines the excitement of travel with the deeper understanding that comes from prolonged residence. “Abounding in marvellous episodes and absolutely unforgettable images of an idyllic paradise shattered by the construction of the road. A beautifully prepared edition.” (Prensa Pitiusa) “Modest, intelligent and with a fine sensitivity, Baumann is someone who would read poetry while preparing lunch.” (Iolanda Bonet, Club Diario de Ibiza)

Source: Goodreads

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